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Hobby and Home Design Classes

Hobby and Home Design Classes

Hobby and Home Design Classes and Workshops are available most of the year  – please call us at the Academy of Floral Art – regarding days available, you may enrol in a weekly class for 4 or 8 weeks (11 a.m. to 2 p.m). Hobby and Home Design Classes are all inclusive @ $1,080 for 4 weeks x 3 hour classes, or $1,980 for 3 hours x 8 weeks, this includes: all flowers, foliage, materials and personal training. You will take all design home afterwards.

Our Hobby and Home Design Classes and Workshops will teach you Gift design and Table design (including all the shapes: i.e. oval, circular, rectangular, etc., or a specialised Home Design Course is also available – this course is mostly table design for centre-pieces, coffee tables and for buffets, and tall vases for console/dressing tables, including hand/stemmed bouquets.

Hobby and Home Design Classes are suitable for anyone wanting to enjoy arranging flowers for the home, as gifts, or for those who are passionate about flowers and want to enjoy working with all the beautiful colours, varieties of flowers and to learn creative design/self-expression. This Course is very therapeutic and relaxing.

Choose either of these fun classes, bring a friend or perhaps your Mum or Daughter, you will be greatly inspired and you will take your flowers home each week to enjoy.  This is also a great way to meet people, sharing your passion for flowers and creative expression.

You may like to do Table Designs for a special occasion; Engagement Party, 21st Birthday or an Anniversary celebration. We also have Christmas Workshops for those wishing to learn how to do their Christmas table design with baubles and candles; or a natural Wreath of twigs and brightly coloured baubles, pine-cones, gum-nuts, seed-pods and ribbons or, an artificial/fresh Little Gem Magnolia Wreath, or perhaps afresh or dried herb Wreath, great to hang in the kitchen. These will make delightful gifts, by adding your own personal touch with love.

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