About Academy of Floral Art

Become a florist About Academy of Floral Art, Floristry Training College, NSW, Australia, our Head Office is located overlooking the Hawkesbury River at 72 Singleton Rd, Wiseman’s Ferry, NSW – 1 hour from the Harbour Bridge. we are an established school and training college for Commercial Florists, our classes are small, private classes of 4. We have Florist Courses suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced levels and we are the only flower school that will tailor a Course especially to suit your needs. We also offer Corporate Design, Special Events and Themes, Advanced Courses, specialist Bridal Bouquet, fully-wired Bouquet Courses for the Wedding Specialist and include stemmed Bouquets. We have speed classes to assist those new in the industry who need help with confidence and assertiveness. Also for those with a passion for flowers, Home Design and Hobby classes are also available, 1 or 2 day Workshops, and 4 day Workshops, Intensive Courses, or Long Term, 3 to 6 months Courses. Call us and book a date for your preferred Floral Art Course or Classes over your suitable length of study time. At the Academy of Floral Art, all flowers, foliage, vases, containers and florist sundries are included with your training and you will take your designs home after classes.

Intensive Commercial Floristry Certificate Courses are over 3 or 5 weeks, unless you wish to enrol in a longer term Course, as above, our solid training with personal and private tuition, giving you one-to-one assistance at all times, until you have finished all lessons necessary for your Certificate, our Intensive Courses are ideal for anyone living Interstate, or far away, or those wishing to complete a Course during their holidays, we also offer free accommodation, if you live more than 70kms away and offer “specials discounts” at different times throughout the year.

The Academy of Floral Art, Floristry Training College offers its students “100% hands-on” flower arranging without all the exams and paper-work.  Our Flower School focuses on giving students confidence through the large number of floral designs completed throughout the duration of your Course; all knowledge and practical study and after proving your competence through experience and understanding of the concepts of design; gaining a thorough knowledge of all the variety of flowers; this practical learning experience will equip you to find employment and work within the industry  or, to establish your own business in one of the many areas of Commercial Floristry.  Our Florist Courses are developed to suit your personal needs, we will structure your course, especially for you.

After achieving your Commercial Certificate and reaching this professional level, students may also choose another area of Floristry that they may be interested in. There are many specialist areas in this industry; namely Corporate, Special Events, Wedding Specialist,  local market stalls, Marketing, wholesale and retail; import and export of flowers, wholesale and retail florist sundries and Wedding Planning.

Like in all businesses, there is much competition among Florist Shops and these days with ‘Online-Shopping’, Florists have become highly competitive. Our Flower school will equip you with the confidence that is needed to succeed in this exciting and growing industry. Be unique, a leader, search for something more and open your learning experience by thinking big; you are about to find out who you really are.

Call us for any further enquiry Phone 02 9653 9651 and we will be happy to assist you.