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Flower Careers are endless with creative minds. Their are many careers working with the healing and creative side with flowers including becoming a florist, wedding flowers & events, dried flowers, .

Fresh Cut Flower Floristry Careers

Florist either having your own Shop or working for a Florist, or for a company that employs many Florists. Specialising in your favourite area of floristry.

  • Wedding Specialist Working for a large Florist, or Wedding Planner, or creating your own business with a Website and giving quotes and booking Wedding Packages or large Weddings.
  • Events Co-ordinator (Organising Events and arranging all the flowers ordered for the Event).
  • Corporate Flower Designer (Arranging large designs for Hotel Foyers, functions, arrangements for tables within the Hotel, Cocktail Bar. Flowers for Conferences and Seminars, Travel Groups, large Stores, usually several for each level and they also employ Corporate Flower Designers to do this full time. Finance and Real Estate businesses, endless opportunities for this occupation.


Wholesale Flowers or Fresh Flower Grower

Grower of Flowers and Foliage supplying the Markets and middle Man with various types of things you grow at your farm.


Dried Flowers

Flower freezing and drying for businesses such as Candle-makers, soap makers, craft using freeze-dried and dried flowers, perhaps just supplying to businesses with a website online they will google to find your website.

Wreaths for the Home, made using different dried and freeze-dried flowers, nuts, pinecones, herbs and various vegetables like chilli, chives, cinnamon sticks, etc. to name a few. A website of just Wreaths is always sought after.


Flower Essence Aromatherapy

This is a specialised field and becoming more popular for all sorts of healing, inspired by the dynamics of the therapies, and using sensitivity to aromas and the emotions and feeling they stimulate. Essential oils and flower essences, as well as working with colour. Pink is the colour of love, for instance and therefore, anyone needing love would intuitively choose Rose essence or any flower that is pink. Purple and mauves are for medical healing and healing of the Soul, flowers like lavender, etc. Lavender is also very relaxing and therefore, good for stress and mental conditions.

Flower Essences are deep studies and very rewarding for anyone interested in studying aromatherapy.


Pressed Flower Soap Bars

Pressed Flower Soap Bars in many flower fragrances are extremely popular and worth the research and study in both freeze drying and drying by hanging upside down is the other way. Many soap makers love to add the dried flowers which compliment the soap picking up colours of flowers to match it. Chamomile, rose petals and miniature roses, frangipanni, fig, cornflowers, tea tree, violets, lavender and there are so many available that are most suitable to soap.


Flower Horticulture / Nursery

Horticulture is the study of plants and flowers and is a very common study which is complimented by Floristry. The two occupations go hand in hand. Many florists are also interested in working in a nursery, mostly outdoor work, unless you are working in a very large Nursery that has both on their staff.


Fresh Flower Cake Decorations

The Academy of Floral Art has Flower Workshops specialising in Flower Cake Decorations. Many Cake Designers and businesses have come here over the years to learn this art and it has taken them into a very successful Cake business. Wedding Flower Cakes, Engagement and 21st are very trendy to leave the icing on the cake and decorate with fresh colourful flowers.


Floristry Teacher

Your Floristry Teacher is accredited, very experienced after teaching for over 30 years, loves to share her knowledge and skills with her students. Always giving “one to one” training and believes that floristry may only be taught ‘hands-on’.

Your Floristry Teacher is totally dedicated and gains a great deal of self-satisfaction from seeing her students succeed in their florist shops, and other businesses that basically come from the knowledge and experience learnt in the flower industry.


Online Florist Monthly/Weekly Subscription Service

You need a professional website, photo of designs you are intending to sell for all different occasions, including flowers suitable for businesses, offices, restaurants, Gymnasiums, Real Estate offices,

Corporate functions, conferences, and home designs for the many working from home. They usually advertise that you may pause, change or cancel your order at any time. Some hire out the vases and you only pay when you break them. You save money due to the fact you are a regular and sign weekly or monthly.


Online Hampers With fresh Flowers/ Dried Flowers

Hampers are supplying such a wide variety of products these days, they may be Easter Egg Baskets with flowers fresh/dried, Christmas Hampers with all Festive season products and flowers, New Baby Girl/Boy Gift Hampers with Baby products, Baby clothing, flowers or plants. Pamper Hampers with Candles, Flower Essences, Bath Bubbles/Salts, Wine, Chocolates also Facial products, perfumes, and flowers. These businesses have become busy, with Hospital Gift Hampers and Covid Home Hampers.


Online Living Flower Plant Gifts

Growing gifts, Indoor Plants, Flowering Plants and Tree Gifts. things like gourmet Herb Hampers, unique indoor and outdoor plants (e.g. Bat Plants, Magnolia Trees, Fiddle Leaf plants, varieties of Succulents, Cactus, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Exotic Orchids and Singapore Orchids. All delivered.


Online Roses Gift

These may be Climbing Rose Plants, Bagged Roses, a bouquet of stemmed Roses,

An arrangement of Roses, Baskets of Roses, contemporary Vase of Roses, Rose Petals, Silk Roses in a Vase, Rose Bushes, standard Rose Plants, spray Roses and Miniature Roses.


Funeral Flower Caskets

Casket Covers are a specialised business although Florists are also asked to arrange them, especially in Country/regional areas. Usually, they are made in fresh or Native flowers and the size depends on the size of the Casket and the families requests. These may be personal or sometimes they are ordered through the Funeral Parlour along with the Coffin or Casket. 


Flower healing medicines

Flower healing medicines are also known as Australian Bush Flower Essences, these may be purchased from Health Food Shops and some Chemists also have some available. i.e. Rescue remedy which is one of the most well-known. They balance and harmonise your well-being. These are also known as herbal medicine or holistic.


Flower Infused Tea

Rose Red Blooming Flower Tea has a flavour that is potent and delicious. Served usually hot but may also be preferred ‘iced’. hibiscus, chamomile, jasmine, lavender and ginger are also extremely popular. It is worth looking up the best tea for your health condition.


Dehydrated Flower Flavours

People a looking for natural ways to add sugars or flavours to things. A common flavour in magnesium powder for example is Passion fruit flower. Flowers really can be used for all sorts of edible flavours.


Instagram Restaurant

You could create the latest Instagram restaurant or café with a focus on food like Social Hideout 

(Parramatta & Waterloo), Speedos (Bondi) and Two Sis & Co, (Pyrmont). They use a lot of flowers like pansies, fresh herbs and even fruit & vegetables carved to look like flowers.


Florist & Cafe

A florist café go hand in hand and make for great photo opportunities. Think Cuppa Flower .


Garden Restaurant

Hanging plants and flowers from the roofs for that garden vibe like Flower Child Cafe (Chatswood, Brookvale, Castle Hill) and The Fernery (Mosman)


Silk Flower Walls Interior Design

Social Hideout Café even have one of these on the wall. You could even do above event tables in silks, dried or fresh for cafes, restaurants and shop-fit outs.