Floristry Training College


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many pupils in a class?

A: We keep our classes small to ensure each pupil receives one to one teaching and therefore 4 is the maximum in each class.

Q: Do we have to complete assignments to hand in each week?

A: No, we do not give homework in the way of assignments, only perhaps ask you to practise your flower arranging as much as possible.

Q: Are there exams each term?

A: No, we do not set exams, you are assessed for your Certificates through your flower arrangements and progress in class and each term (16 hours of training) you are given a mark out of 25 and this becomes your final pass for the year.

Q: Do we have different teachers each week?

A: No, you will always have the same teacher for the entire year, except in the case of illness.

Q: Are we able to do any of our own designs to see how we are going?

A: At the end of each term you will have the opportunity to create a design of your own choice incorporating what you have learnt during the term.

Q: Do we have to bring our own containers or are they all supplied by the Academy?

A: You will be able to bring an occasional vase or container if you need help with a difficult one or a favourite, however, all necessary containers are included in our price.

Q: Do we learn how to treat and handle the flowers with confidence so that we can work in a shop?

A: Yes, you will learn each week how to treat/condition them and you will clean the foliage off your own flowers for each class, handling them in bouquets and posies gives you the confidence you need to work in a shop or have your own florist shop. We cover a great deal of practical work in our classes.

Q: How much of our class is actually hands-on with flowers?

A: Most of the class is hands-on, we give you written notes of which we expect you to read over as homework; we encourage you to take down notes in class, especially the details of each design and the flowers and containers you use. However, this is entirely up to you and your own successful way of learning.

Q: Do we take our arrangements home after each class and are they professional enough for us to sell them?

A: Yes, they are yours to take home and they will always be up to a professional level and fully completed during class. You may have the opportunity to sell them to a Bank, Hairdresser, Restaurant; or any business. This will help pay for your course, otherwise they are wonderful gifts for family and all occasions.

Q: How many designs do we complete during the Commercial Floristry Course?

A: Usually around 50, we do extra bouquets/posies prior to arrangements for extra practice and confidence in handling,in the latter part of your course the designs are larger and more advanced and we are focused on working faster, more assertively and becoming confident in your flower choice, combinations and colour co-ordination. We do less in the Commercial Wedding Specialist Course as we are fully wiring most of the bouquets; i.e. the Bridal Bouquet, Teardrop, Shower and Trailing bouquets, also making detailed items, such as: hair circlettes, corsages, cake designs, garlands, etc.

Q: Do we learn how to copy, if someone shows us a picture of a design they want?

A: Yes, we will teach you how to do this and it will come naturally after you have studied the basics and understand the technical side of floristry and design.

Q: Do we receive a Certificate at the end of the Course, or year?

A: Certificates are given when you have completed your Course, providing you have attended all your classes and passed your four assessments.