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Floral Workshops

1, 2 & 4 Day Workshops (see News)

Phalaenopsis Trailing Bridal Bouquet

Phalaenopsis Bridal Bouquet

At 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Cost @ $395 An Advanced Wedding Specialist Bouquet – This fully-wired Shower Bouquet has a Camellia background with a touch of dainty Maiden Hair Fern flowing through the bouquet, stunning Phalaenopsis Orchids are the most perfect and amazing flowers.

You will learn how to carefully wire these fragile and incredibly beautiful Orchids, using parafilm to cover all wires. Also, wiring the dainty leaves of the Sesanqua Camellia tree and delicate, Maiden Hair Fern and also how to hide all wires at the back of the bouquet, (without masses of ribbons,) in fact, none are used. Finally, ensuring the handle is well cushioned with parafilm, so that no wires are felt, then finishing off with double-satin ribbon – you will learn advanced skills for absolute perfection. The Academy of Floral Art’s modern techniques and know-how will make you the best of the best, to be a Wedding Specialist there is no other way to be. This lesson is a must!

Modern Circular Bridesmaid’s Bouquet

Modern Circular Bridesmaid Bouquet

At 11 am – 3 pm. Cost @ $330 Beginner’s Introduction to a Wired Bouquet.  This fully wired Bouquet features a variety of quality seasonal flowers, the colours will be in same tones with foliage to compliment these tasteful shades. Completed in a 1 Day Workshop.

You will learn the importance of choosing flowers with lasting quality and this is one of the lessons you will learn in this informative class. You will gain experience with all gauges of florist wires. You will also learn how to finish off the back and the handle to perfection.

Circular Bouquet of Roses

Circular Bouquet of Roses for Bride At 11 am- 3 pm. Cost @ $330 Beginner’s to Intermediate Bouquet Workshop. This Bouquet of Roses is fully-wired and has a background of Magnolia “Little Gem” foliage. A very popular bouquet for Brides and Bridesmaid’s. Roses are available all the year round and in a wide variety of colours, they are also lasting and especially when fully-wired. The Bridesmaids would usually carry a smaller, stemmed Bouquet to go with this, or fully-wired is always the best choice to see each and every flower, instead of only half. The Bouquet handle will be finished off with double-satin ribbon. A total of 50 roses of the best quality will be used.

Tulip Circular Bouquet for Bride or Bridesmaid

wedding tulip bouquetAt 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Cost @ $380 Learn how to handle the very delicate stems of the Tulip, make a stunning circular bouquet for the Bride or Bridesmaid.

This is an informal Bouquet and is beautiful in white Tulips with dark green Hosta leaves (not pictured). Completed in our 1 Day Workshop.

Book a 4 Day Workshop and learn how to fully wire the tulips for longer lasting and perfect the Trailing Bouquet, the Shower Bouquet and a mixed flower and Tulip Bouquet. Skills are Jewels!

Mother’s Day Workshop

 April – 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Cost @ $580

A day of making arrangements and getting your speed up for the big day. During these five hours you will make designs all aimed at coping with the second busiest day of the year by being organized, preparing early, ensuring all orders are checked and double-checked before leaving the shop. Remaining cool, calm and with a friendly smile, through thoughtful planning and early preparation and organisation you will cope much better.

Cleaning and treating the flowers, preparing the green for bouquets and arrangements. Basing up quickly days beforehand, doing several arrangements at a time, preparing boxes with lining, chocolates and tying ribbons and stocking up early with the flowers that take longer to open and bringing in the roses 2 days before, scalding and cleaning them to save time and having them ready to place them in the prepared boxes, vases and arrangements.

We will complete Gift Boxes of Roses, mixed Flower arrangements in glass and ceramic vases, woven baskets and Bouquets tastefully gift-wrapped.

This valuable Workshop will help your thinking, planning and organising, well ahead before Mother’s Day, so the work is done and you may then focus on selling.

Workshop Costs





$330 includes materials Home Design, Hobby or Table Design 11am – 3pm
$390 includes materials A choice of Christmas Table Designs, Fresh or Dried Wreaths, Magnolia Wreaths or Fresh Flower Gift Designs. 11am – 3pm
$395 includes materials Phalaenopsis Trailing Bridal Bouquet 11am – 3pm
$330 includes materials Modern Circular Bridesmaid’s Bouquet 11am – 3pm
$330 includes materials Circular Bouquet of Roses for the Bride 11am – 3pm
$380 includes materials Tulip Circular Stemmed Bouquet 11am – 3pm

All flowers, foliage, florist sundries and ribbons are included in the price. Book at least 2-3 weeks ahead to reserve your place in class of your choice as we only take 4 in each class.

Our Workshops are held throughout the year and we have many available to teach you various Bridal and Bridesmaid’s Bouquets, also Hobby and Home Design, and Commercial Floristry Workshops to increase speed, gift-wrapping Bouquets and Posies; arrangements and designs for St. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and various Christmas Creative Workshops are available. Our Christmas Workshops run weekdays and some Saturdays. Come along and join us you will learn so much and enjoy the day with others who share the same passion for flowers. All our Workshops are available throughout the year. Book one and you may decide to continue on a monthly basis. Discount for booking 3 x 4 hour Workshops will be an extra workshop free, inclusive of flowers and materials. See also under News and Events for other Workshops available. Classes are held at Wiseman’s Ferry, NSW. 1 hour from Sydney Harbour Bridge or half hour from Dural roundabout.

Workshops – 2021 (All year)


WORKSHOPS   Thu. or  Sat.



Thu. Sat. Circular Bouquet of Roses for the Bride      All year round 11-3 pm
Thu. Sat Phalaenopsis Trailing Bridal Bouquet 11-3 pm
Thu. Sat Tulip Circular Stemmed Bouquet 11-3 pm
Thu., Sat Modern Circular Bridesmaid’s Bouquet 11-3 pm
Various Pre Mother’s Day Designs & Planning April 11-3 pm
Thu. Sat Christmas Table Designs, Gifts & Natural/Fresh Wreaths  12th , 19, 21st December 11-3 pm
Dec. See News & Events for many extra Workshops available incl. Wreaths Book 3 weeks in advance

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