Floristry Training College

Corporate Design Gallery

Gerberas and strelitzias

Orchids and Natives

Anthuriums & tropicals

Vertical Design

Tropical Vertical design

Chilli, tropicals & tigers

Anthuriums, Tetra Nuts, etc.

Christmas Centrepiece

Oval Native design

Vertical design of Cords

Pedestal of Peony Roses

Natives and orchids

Basket of Natives

Vertical Native Design

Anthuriums and Sing. Orchids

Native Banksias & Spider Orchids

Natives, Pussy Willow and Orchids

Gourmet Basket, Natives & Ories.

Vertical design, Pincushions

Baxterei and other natives

Spider Orchids & Banksias

Proteas, leucs and Grevillea

Leucodendrons & Banksias

Pink Orientals & Cycad Palm

Grouped Design

Native Banksias & Euc. Nuts

Proteas with berries

Natives in a grouping

Grouped Banksia varieties