Seasonal Australian Flower Guide

If you are a current student or past student from the Academy of Floral Art floristry training college, or simply a florist passing by to check us out. Below you will find our Australian flower guide to help you in the wonderful world of flowers.

Australian flower seasons and colours

Flower Seasons & Colours

Not sure what ‘that’ commercial flower looks like? or the seasons ‘that’ flower is available, or the various colours it comes in or you may only know its common name, rather than the botanical name your flower supplier says. For all flowers, colours and seasons view our Flower Seasons & Colours Guide.

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Monthly Flower Guide

Organising a Wedding, Special Theme Event or Corporate Function and need to know what flowers are available around the date when the event will be held. Check here to see flowers that are available in our Australian seasons in the monthly flower guide.

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Australian flower meanings

Flower Meanings

Need to persuade a bride to use Geraldton Wax rather than old fashioned Baby’s Breath, why not persuade them by meanings of flowers. This is also useful when doing funeral flowers and for floral gifts. Check out the list of Flower Meanings.

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Australian flower care

Flower Care Guide

Need to know how to care for your fresh cut flowers, maybe you forgot to take notes in class, or have run out of flower food in your Florist shop and need to make some home-made flower food solution. Learn all you need to know about treating your flowers, see details in our Flower Care Guide.

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