Floral Gift Box Workshop

Floral Gift Box Workshop is for Beginners and Florists needing practice in the latest designs including glass, ceramic and basketweave floral designs.

• You will learn how to base-up using a variety of different foliage.

• Also, how to clean, treat and prepare flowers after they have arrived from Market.

• We will train you how to prepare all your containers and boxes ready to arrange your foliage and flowers.

• You will be taught “ribbons” and “natural foliage ribbons”, also how and when to use them.

• You will take all your designs home at the end of the day to enjoy and share with loved ones.

• Speed is also picked up during the day and your positivity and confidence will shine through.

• Fun and laughter during our Flower Workshops is our way of healing your spirit, mind, and body.

Duration: 3 hours  | 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.


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Sydney Flower Workshops floral gift boxes
Floral Gift Box Workshop
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