The most amazing thing about flowers besides their beauty, colour and incredible variation in the multitude of varieties from every country in the World is their healing power.

Why do we need flowers around us growing in the garden, in vases in our homes and at Restaurants, Weddings, private functions, special events, in large stores when we’re shopping, in Churches?

The fact is that they bring us healing through their bright and pastel colours, their beauty, shapes and forms; we all have a favourite flower and a favourite colour and these together bring us joy and happiness, which in turn heals our soul within. Whether receiving or giving flowers even that is healing to both parties. When the courier arrives at the door to deliver the flowers sent by a loved one, he too, feels happiness and they are healing to him, he handles flowers all day and the colours and beautiful bouquets all make him feel better which is why he is attracted to his actual job. Everyone is happy handling flowers from the grower to the Florist to the receiver. It goes without saying that from a young child your teacher played with flowers, taking flowers she picked along the roadside or from a garden, home to her sick Mum, and at that moment she handed them to her, she saw joy and glee which lit up her face, feeling the love from her daughter.

St. Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that flowers are sent to show passion and love and it is the most overwhelming day for lovers. People choose St. Valentine’s Day to get Engaged, to propose marriage, to have that first special date of romance, to spoil their girlfriend or wife, starting with perhaps a red rose, a bouquet of red roses, an arrangement of red roses and a message of love to accompany the gift. It is endless, love expressed or shared is the essence of all existence, love is power.

Growing flowers is an art as much as arranging flowers and giving flowers is from the Heart and has strong meaning of which is healing in itself.

The Book “the Healing Power of Flowers” by Claire Bowen – Publisher EBURY Publishing. 2021; is a must to read.

All of our Flower Workshops and Flowers Courses will heal you and bring you guaranteed joy, tranquility, fulfillment and happiness.