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Commercial Floristry Courses

Become a Florist by enrolling in our personal, practical, hands-on Florist training, non-stop flower arranging. Our modern, simplified teaching techniques will give you a solid and clear background on design; construction; proportion and scale; balance; rhythm of movement; line; colour co-ordination; flower knowledge and confidence in handling of flowers; resulting in skills, self-confidence and professional expertise. This is a Commercial Certificate Course.



“Creativity unfolds from within through inspiration flowing from the soul, the soul of an artist”

– Suzanne king

Academy Of Floral Art

Commercial Floristry Certification

Our Commercial Floristry Certificate Course includes beginners ,intermediate and finally to an advanced level and you will learn a wide variety of designs for work in a Shop, i.e. arrangements, bouquets, open sprays and vase work; including table, gift, hospital gifts and office/reception desk design; we also touch on each of the following subjects: Corporate Design, Wedding table, Funeral Tribute.

During Beginners and Intermediate Terms, students learn the spiral-technique of hand bunching, cross-stem and spiral vase design, modern arrangements, posies, open sprays, commercial designs for all occasions in various, unusual and modern containers and also gift-wrapping flower bouquets/posies. Two-thirds through the Course we begin the advanced level and you will learn stylish table designs, gift baskets, creative ceramic ideas and impressive Corporate designs will be arranged during these important terms.

This course is also ideal for for those who need to gain more confidence or, gain speed in their flower arranging and also for florists to update their designs and skills, by learning the most modern and latest ideas in this ever-changing world of flowers. All your designs taken home after class will be of professional standard and ready for sale or a gift.

Latest Commercial Floristry Courses

Commercial Floristry Courses

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Commercial Floristry Courses

Wedding Specialist Certificate Course


Commercial Floristry Courses

Commercial Floristry Certificate Course


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