Intensive Floristry Certificate Course

You may enrol in this Course for Commercial Floristry or Wedding Specialist Certificate Courses.

Many people prefer to attend their Course over 4 weeks (2 x days), 3 weeks (3 x days), or 2 weeks (4 x days), for many reasons:

  • In some cases, you may need to find a new profession.
  • Learn quickly because you have purchased your own Florist shop or found out about a position available after being out of the industry for some years and needing to update your skills, learn the latest trends in design, speed up your hand-bunching or bouquets, get all the orders out on time when the courier is arriving (he doesn’t want to wait).
  • You may have holidays to take in your current work and an Intensive Course would be perfect for you to be able to finish quickly, gain your Certificate ready for an opportunity that may arise in the industry you’ve always wanted to be working in, your true passion.

The Intensive Floristry Certificate Course includes Beginners, Intermediate to an Advanced level.

  • You will complete a wide variety of designs, in fact, 40 or more will be completed during your course, all of which you may take home after each day of class ready for sale or gift.
  • You will first learn the importance of relaxing when enjoying practicing/handling your flowers, cleaning, and preparing them ready to create a lovely bouquet or posy, whether it may be the spiral-technique, cross-stem, open spray, or a quick modern grouped bouquet.
  • You will also learn how to wrap the various styles of bouquets, with different papers and the latest trend may it be organic or environment friendly, using natural ribbons and grasses.
  • You will learn every design necessary to work in a shop from a Corsage, Buttonhole, Wrist-spray, hair circlet or hairpiece; flower boxes, (cardboard for Hospitals), glass, ceramic, rustic, low and tall vases, traditional and contemporary designs; gift baskets for all occasions.
  • During the latter part of gift baskets for all occasions.
  • During the latter part of your course we will teach you some advanced designs; Church design, Corporate design for reception desks, coffee table and the Managing Directors Office.
  • Wedding table and Guest table design, and of course you will learn how to wire a Bridal Posy or Trailing Bouquet. This is the design which may be the day you decide to enrol in your next Course, being the Wedding Specialist Course. The crème de la crème, satisfying all passions.

The Intensive Floristry Certificate Course will give you positivity, confidence, and an effervescence of life, that you will without a doubt, assertively find your dream job, Florist Shop, Corporate Flower business, or Event Solutions. Begin now, pursue your amazing career and join us with your passion for flowers and exuberance for life through finding your creativity, freedom and self-expression.